2015 Dissertation: Ecophysiological Responses of Macroalgae to Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Hawaiʻi

Submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) is a ubiquitous process that delivers significant amounts of nutrients and other solutes to coastal ecosystems worldwide. Although the quality and quantity of SGD has been characterized at many sites, the biological implications of this process remain  poorly understood. The objective of this work was to compare the physiological response of  macroalgae… Read More

Connecting Land Use to Submarine Discharge Loads and Coral Reef Health Within the Coastal Zones of Maui

Project Overview: The goal of this project was to measure the impact of various types of land use practices on the quality of coastal groundwater, nearshore marine water, and coral reef health on Maui. Using a wide range of techniques, we determined the sources of nitrogen, groundwater flowpaths, quantified submarine groundwater discharge and nutrient loading, measured… Read More