In a global environment where change is the only constant, I strive to build bridges between disciplines to answer one of the most pressing scientific questions of this age:

What factors are contributing to coastal ecosystem degradation and how do we protect both reef and human health in light of a changing global climate?

In order to better manage coastal resources and maximize marine ecosystem services, we must fully understand what drives changes in these systems and predict how they will respond in the future.

Although humans are not the sole cause of habitat degradation, it is clear that anthropogenic impacts have direct control on physical and biological parameters in nearshore ecosystems.

By combining methods traditionally used within the fields of hydrogeology and marine biology, I have gained a unique perspective into the connectivity of the land and ocean at multiple scales.

It is my mission to discover and communicate information concerning the influence of human activities on ocean health in ways that not only lead to policy changes but that are accessible to the next generation.